Creators Gone Create

Creators Gone Create is the last chapter in a coming of age story about a young artist who pushes himself to make are amidst the real life adversity of surviving in New York City.

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The Summer of 2012 was my greatest challenge yet. I had just moved out of my apartment cause I could afford to pay rent. I was officially couch crashing. During this time I co-lead mural production (100 ft long) in East New York for the neighborhood arts center. This would take place from about 9am to 2pm. Then I would leave for my part time job- making tacos in a taco box at Rebar restaurant.  My nights consisted of making his art. I led a successful crowd-funding campaign and I was able to rent a shared basement studio where I painted well into the mornings.

Creators Gone Create is my explanation for individuals who utilize what they have in their immediate environment to actualize their ideas and beliefs. This concept is solely dependent on the individual's desire to exist through their creativity, independent of finances and other worldly needs. My works are repurposed paintings that were taken from his older works. Each piece embodied a narrative and vision that was interpreted once the abstract works were completed.