In 2009, a year after graduating from Howard University with a degree in Business Marketing, I found myself laid off from my corporate job in New York City. While considering options for future work, I decided to explore my passion for the arts. I started painting. A few months later I decided to make that my "real job".

While surviving as a struggling artists in New York, I discovered my voice as a creative among some of the city's most talented artists. In those 4 years I could be found live painting at events, instructing art classes, managing a creative retail brand in Brooklyn, or participating in numerous art shows both group and solo. My best received project during that period was The Hip Hop Coloring Book- a critically acclaimed, educational activity book, that teaches Hip Hop history while strengthening the user's creativity.

I relocated to Oakland, CA in 2013 and became a creative freelancer that specializes in brand strategy and design. Freelancing enables me to pursue my art, which is currently focused on street art & murals. When I'm not freelancing or making art i'm teaching the youth how to make art.