Colored Dreams

It was may 2009. I had just got laid off my from my corporate job and I was ecstatic. After a year of being miserable at my job and doing tons of soul searching & reflecting,  I knew I wanted to be part of the New York creative scene. Now I finally had time to explore and experiment. I spent that summer painting almost everyday in my Harlem apartment. I also took some classes at SVA in Manhattan. I was on my way to doing something... I didn't know what, but it felt right. By September I had completed 16 paintings. Some friends recommended I have an art show. One Tuesday, following Bible study I walked past this (chicken) wing restaurant that was opening up. The walls were bare. I asked the owner if I could put my paintings on the wall and he said "ok". Boom, thats how I had my first art show. A few days later I realized this was my passion. For the next 4 years I would live in New York (Harlem and Brooklyn) trying to realize the dream of becoming a professional artist.

creative shields blu mag cover
colored dreams flyer