Ceremony for the Ancestors

Ceremony for the Ancestors

A Trip to the Cape Coast Slave Castle


Easily the heaviest part of spraycation Africa was visiting the Cape Coast Slave Castle in Ghana. "Castle" is a funny word to describe it. Death camp, torture chamber, and Hell, are more fitting. While I faced my own emotions and beliefs on slavery in that space, I was able to honor and hold ceremony for my ancestors. I paid tribute to them as best I knew how.

middle passage photo 7.png

I learned a lot on the tour. I pretty much went numb as I faced physical evidence of the Americas' Slave Trades. evidence. I was processing spiritually, emotionally, & physically. I walked into the dungeons. It was pitch black darkness. I never took into consideration the experience of the dungeons. We couldn't even feel the ground, because layers of feces and death hardened over the cobble stone to create a new floor. 


I payed tribute with the best way I knew how.

I left my art where it mattered most to me.


Shoutout Barack and Michelle for being real ones.

The plaque, left of the male slave dungeon, is part of their tribute as well.


The Door of No Return

We Returned Tho