petal blocks marker page

Petal Blocks are my interpretation of Nature. While mankind may be destroying the world, nature is continuing to thrive. It will exist in new ways. It will evolve past humans who can not live harmoniously in this echo system. This concept came about organically from my doodles. The arcs and lines of my fluid thoughts formed symbols to identify my native land, Northern California. The suns, clouds, leafs, mountains, and waters are morphed into compositions that follow the graffiti letter art form. Shading, 2-D & 3-D, outlines, are the parameters for exploring my conversation with Mother Earth. Graffiti and nature, both find the balance between structure and free form. As I try to find my own balance within this modern society, I try to exist like the nature I depict- fluid, vibrant, and persistent. For in the end nature wins, always.