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What I Do


"I'm a middle man of sorts, translating creative concepts into achievable business goals."


I'm Addicted to White Boards & Colored Markers. Its true. I'm not lying. The result of my art and business background are lots of charts, notes, and plans- typically color coded with corresponding symbols. Stated planely, I'm a visual thinker. And as such, I help people see their ideas and plans as pictures.


I define my speciality as a creative hybrid when it comes to the functions of business. I wear many hats in the forms of graphic designer, content developer, product  manager, and brand strategist. My preference for working multiple projects in various capacities means that I'm highly adaptable within changing environments. Its a talent I've learned to embrace as I continue to navigate the "work world" as an empowered freelancer.


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Inclusive Innovation in Tech


A Web Dev & Strat Boutique


A Culture Collective


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