East Bay Innovation Academy

For 6 days I had the opportunity to lead a mural project with 30 middle school students who attend East Bay Innovation Academy. The mural is on two sides of a Matson shipping container that was donated to the school. I challenged students to think of solutions that will improve the the mentality and emotion of their fellow students and teachers. I led them through a series of brainstorm activities which enabled them to create images that would be appropriate for the mural. Students organized themselves into groups and after completing sketches & color, were ready to paint.


The mural itself is awesome and really contains the creativity and energy of middle school kids. It was important for me to empower the students by allowing them to create whatever they wanted. 

Side 1 of the mural contains images and characters that represent the students and their interest. It has a fire and ice phoenix (school mascot), robots, pokemon, lizards, ying yang symbol, abstract patterns, my little pony, and other random creatures. 

Side 2 of the container is a more traditional mural concept that shows the EBIC with students playing in a grassy field with blue sky. The grass contains multi color flowers and lizards. Abstract patterns decorate the borders of the containers.