Kekeli's Internship Fundraiser


Dear supporters,

My travel to Uganda will afford me the opportunity to participate in a month long Producer Trainee program. This program will further my experience in managing and producing musical events at a large scale.

My love for arts has brought me this far. I am all about supporting artists and their works to positively affect the human race. Transcending boundaries of race, sex, and religion urges me to create change thats are not intimidated by societal standards. I confront life with a fun and easy going attitude with the hope of leaving a legacy for generations to come.

Thank you as you donate towards my travel, you are part of a major milestone being turned in my life. Do well to check my blog, ShrineGroove, or leave me a message on social media, who knows we could be creating world changing events soon!


Kekeli Sape


“The Mission is to create something that will live forever."


Nyege Nyege takes it’s inspiration from the legendary World Festival of the Black Arts’ that took place in Dakar Senegal in 1966. An extended invitation from Uganda to the world. Nyege Nyege will also showcase the connections between Africa and the rest of the world Afro Diaspora with Cumbia from South America, vodou jazz from Haiti and underground hip hop from America. Complementing the line-up will some of the hottest producers and DJ’s from Europe whose work is in conversation with African sounds.

Three days of NON-STOP musical celebration on two stages with state of the art sound systems on the shores of the river Nile in a stunning location surrounded by over four acres of lush tropical forest. The line-up is growing by the week and we can’t wait to share with you the exciting new additions in the months ahead.


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