Spraycation in LA

My Memorial Day Weekend was spent in LA where all I did was make art and look at art with my friends. As an artist that travels its my goal to 1., connect with local artist 2., explore the art scene & lastly, to paint on walls. I accomplished all three and it was an amazing.

South Central, LA

South Central, LA

Friday we got into the city and were able to check out the opening of the  RFK Highschool Mural Festival. As an educator its my dream to turn every school into an art gallery. It takes cultural enrichment to a whole new level. As an artist I was overwhelmed with inspiration. I saw some of my heroes live in action like Sam Flores of Upper Playground and met new dudes like Rob Hill who did a dope installation in the hallway leading to the cafeteria.

map of the festival

Sam Flores' work in progress


Saturday I did some live painting with Chuck in Venice. Krista came through and painted on the beach. I have mad love for public places to paint because Its how I learned 2 years ago when I was traveling Europe. It also gives the public the opportunity to see the art being made. 

Kyle Montgomery had a really dope show in Chinatown with his Crystal Mary collection. 

On Sunday I got to link with my good friend Oz.  He's working out of the Super Chief Gallery in Downtown, LA. We came up together in New York together as struggling artists. He was gracious enough to give my friends and I a tour of Swoon's latest show- Pearl Beauty Shop. 

Oz standing in front of some pieces from the Pearl Beauty Shop show.

Oz standing in front of some pieces from the Pearl Beauty Shop show.

Steiner's work in the back parking lot of the gallery

Gold Nikes by Matt Sena

The Pearl Beauty Shop

Tupac get love in every part of California. Dope piece by @never1959 in South Central, LA.

On Monday, Chuck and I made it to South Central where we got the opportunity to paint in a really nice backyard. I did a kool piece. Still learning how to rock these cans, but overall I'm content with how everything turned out. I'll make it back at another time to expand on the piece.

Experimenting turned out well. Adinkra Dragonball.

Chuck's frog to my left