Oakland Peace Camp Mural

Oakland Leaf's Oakland Peace Camp- A 4 week summer camp.

This summer I returned to Bret Harte Middle School to lead a group of 30 students to participate in a graffiti and mural workshop. Our theme for the summer camp was ‘Hands Up! (no…) Rise Up!” The students were encouraged to speak their mind, represent their culture, and empower each other through their creativity. They participated in every aspect of the mural process from brainstorming, to sketching, to prepping and finally mural construction.

The first half of the program I focused on teaching creative exercises, screening graffiti documentaries, and leading drawing tutorials with my students. They were challenged to become creators, break boundaries, and develop positive habits that will make them strong artists as they continue to develop. My lessons included the birth of Hip Hop and Graffiti, Oakland graffiti legends and the Bay Area scene, & the emergence of street art as a new gallery platform.

Some lessons were co-facilitated by local, professional artists who volunteered their time. They led discussions on what it takes to be a successful artist and entrepreneur. Students left the course feeling empowered as artists with skills that will allow them to develop their own artistic styles and personal views as creatives.