bandaloop wall

Location: The Lower Bottoms. 18th and Peralta. Oakland, CA

This production was a wild ride. But first let me give a huge shout out and appreciation to Bandaloop Studios for extending this opportunity. Bandaloop is an aerial dance company that repels down huge buildings all over the world. They are the inspiration and theme for this piece.

1.. I was able to actualize my style that I've been developing for the past year- my petal blocks and the 3rd eye motif. Both which worked out great on this project. I'll continue developing the concepts and what they're looking at/ in search of. 

2. I got the honor of incorporating Vogue's piece into the wall. Vogue and the TDK Crew are a huge inspiration to me. I teach my students about their contribution to the Bay Area graff scene. The fact that I was able to get on the same wall as vogue (albeit at a way later date) makes me feel good that I'm contributing to the culture of the city.

3. Working with a budget and organizing a team always presents its challenges, but making it to the finish line is a great reward. The process of this wall (planning, sketching, organizing, collaborating, and painting) took roughly 8 months. The winter and El-Nino slowed up production, but hey, we made it. Marathon Complete.