Petal Blocks

I've been trying to find my style as a painter for the past two years. You know, have recognizeable work for the masses. The discovery happened in 2015. It started as mindless doodling and then it started to make sense.  My doodles looked like nature. It looked like graffiti.

What are these Petal Blocks I keep painting about? Petal Blocks are nature. The sun, clouds, mountains, and leafs, are some of the recurring objects I used to speak on the evolution of nature. The language I use to speak on this evolution is the graffiti abstract. There are rules to graffiti letter forms that allow for chaos and order to match harmoniously. Thats nature. Existing amongst the disorder of mankind. Thriving past the attempts of mankind to be eradicated. As I paint these Petal Blocks on various spaces and objects it should serve as a constant reminder that nature persists. It will evolve with or without us.